Haunted by William Hussey


Milton Lake is a seemingly ordinary town, where tales of hauntings and strange goings on ripple beneath the surface. When a mysterious boy comes to town and moves into a large, derelict house, all alone, his arrival changes everything.

Shrouded in secrecy, he senses a kindred spirit in Emma Rhodes, and reveals to her a shocking truth.

Someone in Milton Lake is using the fabled Ghost Machine to call the spirits of the dead back to our world. Now it is up to these two lost souls to find out who is operating the strange invention before it is too late . . .

For call by call, the dead will be unleashed.

This story starts with a prologue; in order to join the Chainsaw Gang Henry Torve has to walk through the abandoned funfair to the Horror House ghost train and bring back one of the waxworks heads. But Henry finds more than he bargained for.

It’s a brilliant start that sets the pace for a super spooky story complete with a haunted house, soul seeking ghosts, and plenty of mysteries to solve before you reach the final page.

The story revolves around sixteen year old Emma Rhodes, a girl living in torment because she believes she is responsible for her little brother’s death twelve months before. Locked in her grief she has become withdrawn and friendless. Then a young enigmatic American boy, Nicholas Redway, moves into the derelict house across the road from Emma’s. It’s not long before supernatural forces bring them together and they begin bashing the hell out of the town’s flesh loving spirits.

But why is the town of Milton Lake beset with ghosts and ghouls? Well, and here’s the bit I loved so much, someone has discovered the legendary Ghost Machine that Thomas Edison had created and is summoning the dead from beyond the grave. Just including that little bit of historical fact (Edison called for a press gathering to talk about his invention but its existence was never proved) gives the story added spice.

The world Mr Hussey has created has an old fashioned feel, as if Miss Marple will come ambling round the corner any minute and do some sleuthing. But Emma’s determination and gutsy kick-ass style is very definitely 21st century.

This book was so good that once I’d settled down in my basket to read it I didn’t hear the word “walkies” being called. Yes, I was that engrossed.

Just don’t read it before you put the lights out!

Mischa reviews Haunted

 The Literary Lurcher was Spooked Out by Haunted.

Do you like the blood spattered effects? Muwhahaha!

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Happy Halloween everyone.

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